Frequently Asked Questions


What happened to ‘Love Your Covers’? has rebranded to since February 2019. This is because I had expanded the business to include many aspects of book publishing including formatting and promotional graphics.

Why hire me?
I have a passion for publishing and I have specialised in this field since 2012. I’ve had the privilege of having designed nearly 200 commissions to date along with hundreds of pre-designs. My experience and understanding of the industry, marketing and graphics is applied to each individual book I design.


How long will it take?
Typically it takes 10 – 14 days to produce the first drafts. If the queue is longer than usual, you’ll be notified beforehand.


Who owns the rights to the completed cover?
The design rights transfer to you as soon as you are happy with the final design and the remaining balance has been settled. You don’t own the individual images used, that remains with the photographer or illustrator – you own the rights to the design composition as a whole.


Where do you get your imagery from?
All imagery included in the price is sourced and purchased from the image library Shutterstock. Where necessary I will source them upon request from other library’s, including National Library’s but this may incur an extra charge.


Can I supply you with an image to use?
Yes I’m happy to work with an image you provide as long as you own the image or have been granted license for its use.


What if I don’t like the design?
That’s impossible! No, really, it’s fine. If the design isn’t quite right then say so – I will develop new drafts or an entirely new concept.


Will you design something exactly as I tell you to?
Of course I welcome and encourage client input. However, as a professional designer I will always advise you if I believe your idea won’t work and offer a more suitable alternative. Try to take advantage of my knowledge and wisdom – it’s in both our interests that the design is of the highest standard. If it falls significantly below that standard, I reserve the right to terminate the project and return you deposit.


I placed an order haven’t heard anything. What should I do?
Check your junk mail folder or send an email to or using the form found here.


I really like one of your pre-designed covers but haven’t settled on my book title or tagline yet. Can I reserve it anyway?
Yes. If you purchase the cover at the listed price, it will be removed from sale immediately. When you’re titles are ready you can contact me again and I will complete the cover for you.


Can you produce an illustrated cover for my book?
Yes I can, however this would incur an extra charge depending on how much work was required.


What happens to the draft versions I didn’t want?
The fee includes the design rights to the final design and does not include any alternatives you have received from me in the development stages.


I would really like one of your pre-designed covers but with a slight alteration. Is this possible?
I am more than happy to make simple changes to the image (such as colour or font type). If you would like a major change (like an image added in or changed for example) then I would make you aware of any extra charge before I proceed.


If you design the eBook version now, could you then design the print version at a later stage?
Yes I’ve done this on many occasions as authors will sometimes release only the eBook version first and then return a month or so later wanting a full print design.


Will you send me the formatted Microsoft Word file as well as the PDF?
I can’t, I don’t format with MS Word. I use Adobe InDesign to format all my clients’ books because it’s the industry standard and allows me to produce a higher quality end product.


What have I got to lose?
Nothing really. Worst case scenario is that you’re not satisfied with any designs offered in which case I will be happy to give a full refund of your deposit.


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